Fantasy Wrestling

There are two types of competitions you may enter.  Challenges that will pay out winnings and satellites that will qualify you for entry in future challenges.  You may play in as many games at one time as you would like and you may submit multiple entries into any one competition.


Pay-outs for challenges are determined by the number of entries. 


Satellites will award the top 10% automatic qualification into a future designated challenge.  If multiple entries were submitted by one person that person may earn multiple entries to future challenges.


Fantasy Wrestling consists of assembling a team of wrestlers set forth by the rules of the challenge.  NCAA tournament scoring will be used to determine how many points each wrestler on your team is awarded.  Points will be calculated using the results from  If a wrestler misses weight or gets injured he cannot be replaced on your team once the competition has started.  Pre-seeds may be used to determine line-ups if a bracket or seed is adjusted due to a coaches meeting or missing wrestler your team will not be adjusted. 

I created this fantasy sports site for fun and ease of running fantasy wrestling games.  This is not a big corporate site and results are not updated immediately.  I will post results regularly after each round.  In the past I ran everything through email but I think this will be a more efficient way to display teams and results.